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I am specialising in web development of dynamic webpages created using high quality Content Management Systems (CMS) and best Frameworks

Dynamic webpages without CMS

Webpages are created using Frameworks with highest standards. You are able to choose from many different templates or to propose your own design. Together with webpage you can get usefull modules, like for example Contact form. This type of webpage is recommended as a promo webpage, company homepage which does not need to be often updated or personal homepage. This solution is for people, who know at least basics of html code.

Dynamic webpages with CMS

Webpages are created using CMS with highest quality. You can choose from many beautiful templates or to propose your own design. With every webpage is included very friendly administration interface in your language. To tune your webpage, you can choose from many modules and widgets. This type of webpage is recommended for individuals or companies where webpage needs to be more complex and often updated. This solution is for people who don't want to edit the webpage directly in code.


Would you like to have your own eShop? With very friendly administration? There is abolutely no problem with it! Your new eShop can by localized in your language and has very many options how to tune it according to your needs. There are also many possibilities of payments for your products.

Domains & Webhosting

I can get for you a domain name like www.mydomain.com and webhosting, where you can upload your new files in the future. You can also have your own emails like me@mydomain.com.


Your webpage can be delivered with translations from/to following languages: English, German, Slovak, Czech. In case you'll be interested in translations from/to another languages, many more are available through my partners.

Consultations & Training

I am here to answer all your questions about creating your webpage, upgrade of your webpage or any other questions related to web development. If you already have a webpage and need help with any problem, we'll solve it together.


Below are some projects I've worked on


Discussion forum


Company webpage


Mortgage calculator


A lot of SMS for any opportunity


Discount aggregator


Company webpage


Personal webpage

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